1. Can buyers select their own settlement agent when purchasing a HUD-owned property?
  2. How can I obtain a lead based paint certification of inspection on a HUD Home?
  3. How can I obtain an extension on a HUD Home closing?
  4. How do I collect on a bill or lien attached to a HUD Home?
  5. What are the HUD Home earnest money deposit requirements?
  6. What closing costs will HUD pay on the sale of a HUD Home?
  7. What documents are required for closing on a HUD-owned property?
  8. When is a settlement agent selected on a HUD Home purchase transaction?
  9. Who do I contact if I have title problems when closing on a HUD Home?
  10. Who do I talk to about a lien found on a closed HUD Home sale?
  11. Will HUD contribute to seller funded down payment assistance programs on the purchase of a HUD Home?