1. Are appraisers who perform appraisals on HUD Homes able to purchase HUD-Owned Properties?
  2. Can an investor bid on a HUD Home?
  3. Can buyers make repairs to a HUD Home they are purchasing before loan closing and settlement?
  4. Can HUD employees purchase HUD-Owned Single Family Properties?
  5. Can I occupy a HUD Home prior to closing?
  6. Can I rent a HUD home or rent to own a HUD home?
  7. Can the 203(k) program be used to purchase a HUD REO property?
  8. How are repairs and escrow amounts determined for a 203(b) loan with escrow for HUD REO purchases?
  9. How can I finance the purchase of a HUD Home?
  10. How do I place a bid on a HUD Home?
  11. How does HUD determine the list price of a HUD Home?
  12. Is an Environmental Protection Agency Pamphlet provided to buyers of HUD homes?
  13. Must the lender obtain an engineer's certification for the permanent foundation of a manufactured home being sold by HUD under its REO sales program?
  14. What are the penalties for a HUD Home owner-occupant purchaser that does not occupy the property?
  15. What is the broker commission on a HUD Home sale?
  16. When is a Lead-Based Paint (LBP) Disclosure Addendum required in the Sales contract for HUD homes?
  17. When must a lender order a new appraisal for a HUD REO purchase?
  18. Where can I find lead disclosure requirements for HUD REO single family properties?
  19. Where can I obtain a HUD Home sales contract and addendums?
  20. Where can I obtain a list of HUD Homes for sale?
  21. Where do I obtain a copy of the HUD Homebuyer's Guide?
  22. Why is a HUD Home not listed for sale?