When you’re ready to start searching for a home in person and attending tours and open houses, there are a few really important things to look for and keep in mind:

  • Look at homes in your price range. It will be hard to find and tour the home of your dreams only to realize you won’t quite be able to afford it! 

  • Consider your commute and nearby conveniences. If you have to drive to work or take the bus, we recommend trying it out one day from your potential new home. Is traffic actually really bad at certain times from your home to your office? If so, is it something you don’t mind dealing with? These are things you’ll want to know before you make a huge commitment! 

  • Go for a walk in your neighborhood, and grab a bite to eat. Is this a place you’ll want to spend time in? If taking the dog for walks and eating out a couple times a week is part of your lifestyle, then you’ll want to make sure there are good options for both nearby. 

  • Are you ready to maintain the home? If you’re moving from a high-rise condo to a single-family home on an acre, for example, there will definitely be some adjustments! Consider if you’re ready to maintain the home, both inside and out.

  • If the home needs remodeling or updates, are you willing to do it? Being honest with yourself about this one is important. Some people are excited to take on home improvement projects, and some people won’t touch it with a ten-foot pole! Be realistic about what improvements you are or aren’t willing to make. 

  • What will living in the home look like once you’ve moved in? It’s important to do your best to imagine how things will look and feel once you’ve actually moved in. Is there enough room for everyone? Is there enough closet space, or will you have so find other options? Think about your current living situation and how it compares. 

If the home you’re touring still seems like the perfect match… you might have found “the one”! Here are 6 Signs You've Found “The One” When Buying A Home

Ready to start your home search in the Baltimore area?

7 beds - 6 Baths


Parkville, Maryland

Listing office: ExecuHome Realty

MLS® ID: 1002079234

3 beds - 2+ Baths


Windsor Mill, Maryland

Listing office: Taylor Properties

MLS® ID: 1002079210

6 beds - 3+ Baths


Baltimore, Maryland

Listing office: Sold 100 Real Estate, Inc.

MLS® ID: 1002078714

3 beds - 2+ Baths


Owings Mills, Maryland

Listing office: Porter House International Realty Group

MLS® ID: 1001966236