Eating healthy is an important part of any lifestyle, and even though most of us have heard how important it is to eat a healthy, balanced diet, many people may not understand why it’s so important. One benefit of eating nutritious food is that helps to keep your weight down, and help you avoid developing a myriad of health problems. 

Whether you’re interested in how to eat healthy without cooking or how to eat healthy for cheap, these tips are totally doable! 

Here are 9 ways you can eat a healthier diet: 

1. Reduce sugar intake by using spices instead.  

This doesn’t mean you have to lose out on enjoying sweet things! Try using sweet tasting spices in cooking, such as ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg. 

2. Cut down on sodium.

Salt is easily “hidden” in many foods, especially in restaurants or in-prepackaged food. If you’re cooking, try using the powder form of garlic and onion instead of the salted form. If you’re accustomed to boiling your pasta in salt, try to boil it in herb-flavored water instead. Try basil or oregano! 

3. Cut down on calories by using calorie-free seasonings.

Foods that are breaded, covered in batter and fried, or drenched in gravies and sauces also come packed with calories. Cut down on your caloric intake by using herbs and spices to season foods. 

4. Use the fat-free version.

For example, if you’re using milk in a recipe, use fat-free or low-fat milk to help cut down on fat content. 

5. Replace oil with applesauce.

This might sound strange, but in many recipes, this seriously works! You can replace oil in baked goods with applesauce, and the final result will come out moist and of course, reduced in fat. 

6. Get your veggies in soup. 

Soups and stews are a delicious, easy way to increase your vegetable intake. Instead of focusing on meat, use meat sparingly and as a garnish as a way to reduce cholesterol. 

7. Avoid frying foods.

Try to lower the fat content of your foods by microwaving, baking, broiling, or grilling foods. 

8. Use more dry beans and lentils.

Not only is this a cheap way to add more protein to your diet, but beans and lentils are an easy way to increase the overall fiber and nutrient content of a meal. 

9. Use fresh fruit in dessert.

Whenever possible, incorporate fresh fruits in desserts. This will help reduced the amount of added processed sugars you’re consuming… plus, it’s delicious!