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5 Things Nobody Tells You About Selling Your Home

Will Featherstone

Having the right real estate agent means having someone who is committed to helping you buy or sell your home with the highest level of expertise in y...

Having the right real estate agent means having someone who is committed to helping you buy or sell your home with the highest level of expertise in y...

Feb 7 3 minutes read

There’s no point in trying to sugar coat it—selling a home can be stressful! Fortunately, there are some things you can prepare for to make the experience far more enjoyable, and of course, your real estate agent should be guiding you every step of the way! 

Take a few moments to get informed and read these 5 things that nobody tells you about selling a home:

1. You’ll need to make some major changes to your home to put it on the market. 

Whether you have your home professionally staged or are putting stuff in storage, your home is most likely not ready to be photographed or toured “as is.” Most people need to put a lot of their stuff in storage to create a less cluttered atmosphere at the very least (and yes, this means mostly emptying out closets!). (Read these feng shui concepts that can help your home sell!) 

2. Keeping your home clean and tidy for showings can be challenging.

If you’re living in your home while you’re trying to sell it, then it can definitely be hard to manage your day-to-day needs with accommodating showings. Of course, having a clean, open house-ready home is definitely worth it, but it won’t be without some stress! Check out these 18 tips for having a better open house and home showing. That being said, you’ll also need to leave your home during showings. Oftentimes, the seller being present can make buyers feel a bit uncomfortable. 

3. Home renovation projects can take a lot longer than you may think.

If you’re wanting to sell your home but you know you still have some projects to complete, you’ll definitely want to get the projects out of the way before seriously looking into putting your home on the market. Whether you’re doing a huge renovation like upgrading your entire kitchen or just giving your home a fresh coat of paint, oftentimes things can take longer than you anticipate. Weather, scheduling, issues you may run into along the way, and more can all throw a wrench in your timeline. Begin preparing months and even years in advance to sell. (On that note, check out these home improvements NOT to make before you sell, and take a look at these 8 ways to give your home the ultimate upgrade!

4. Your home might receive multiple offers, and you’ll have to choose which one to accept. 

Your real estate agent will be able to help you weigh the pros and cons of each different offer, and believe it or not, it’s not always about accepting the most money! Get some tips on how to generate multiple offers, and read about what to do in a multiple offer situation here

5. You might have to reduce the price of your home.

Of course, everyone hopes they get list price or above asking offers, but what if you’re not receiving much interest in your home? It might be time to consider reducing the price. 

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